Volkswagen has come under fire from the Government’s Safety and Standards Agency (SSA) after a new inspection system failed to check that its models in the UK were safe for use in Britain.

The agency said it was “deeply concerned” by the incident.

The UK’s Department for Transport and Environment said that it had received reports of a failure of the UK’s COVID-19 inspection system, and was working with the company to address the issue.

In a statement, the SSA said: “We have been in contact with Volkswagen and will work with them to ensure that the new inspection process is improved to ensure it is more robust, more effective and provides a level playing field for all models of vehicles that meet UK standards.”

Volkswagen says it was only working with its supplier to make sure it was ready to begin the test.

It said that the vehicle it had been working on would be tested and ready to go before the end of the year.

Volkingen Volkswagen’s chief executive, Martin Winterkorn, said: ‘Volksportwagen is in full compliance with all EU regulations and is confident that we have all the necessary systems in place to meet the stringent requirements of UK emissions testing.’

We are currently working closely with the UK Government to develop the necessary technical solutions to ensure the UK market remains free from COVID.’

Volkwagen is also under pressure in the US following the discovery that its cars were not as clean as they claimed.

A report released by the Environmental Protection Agency found that Volkswagen and its parent company, Volkswagen Group, had made a ‘lack of awareness’ about COVID in the United States.