NHL, the National Hockey League Players Association and the Players’ Association of Major League Baseball are working on an update to its model of social ecological performance, which is already used in soccer and baseball.

The model has been widely adopted in fields such as the NFL, NBA and NASCAR, but its applicability to soccer and football is still limited, according to NHL vice president of player development Scott Moore.

A few years ago, he said, teams like the Washington Capitals, Los Angeles Clippers and the Chicago Blackhawks used a similar model in order to gain insight into how fans react to their games.

“We have the players and the fans, so what’s the use if we’re not having a dialogue?”

Moore said.

“The best way to learn is to ask them questions and see what they’re thinking.”

The NHL, NHLPA and MLB all have social models in place, Moore said, but they haven’t yet applied them to the game of soccer.

He said the models allow teams to evaluate how players are performing on a daily basis, and the models can be used to help determine how players will be paid if they win games.

“We’re just trying to make it a better model, to give them a better idea of what their fans want to see,” Moore said during a conference call with analysts.

“We’re not going to take any shortcuts.”

The models could be useful for clubs looking to improve their image with fans, Moore added.

“What we’ve found is that we’re getting more people to buy tickets, more people coming to games, more fans watching,” he said.

That could include players, Moore continued.

“I think that the models are going to really help teams understand how their fans respond to their players, and I think they will be very valuable to us moving forward.”

The model could also be helpful for clubs who want to determine how fans might react to certain players in certain situations.

“It’s something that has been around for a while, and we’ve seen teams use it a lot,” Moore added, “and now we’re going to be able to leverage it for us.”

While Moore said that there’s no timeline on when the model would be used in the NFL and NBA, he did say that the league has begun working on implementing the model.

The model is expected to be introduced to the players’ union’s model of players in 2022.

The league has a few other models in development, but the NHL’s model has the biggest potential to be used.