Jeffs models has been around since the 1980s.

But the line was a cult hit for its high-fashion and womenswear brands, and its most iconic models have all been iconic for years.

Now, with Jeffs moving to the fashion industry, we take a look back at some of the most iconic Jeffsmodels models and what it means to be a Jeffsmodel. 

Jeffsmodels first models came from the mid-1980s, and they’re a collection of all sorts of fashion models.

The line started off with a handful of model wives who modeled in the style of the time, including Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Kate Moss.

From there, models from all over the world started to flock to Jeffs, which quickly evolved into a global brand with models ranging from young models to models in their 60s.

Nowadays, Jeffs has a roster of more than 150 models, and the brand is branching out with new models each year.

In the early years, the Jeffs model line was centered around the models of American women, but over time, the line started branching out to include models from around the world.

It all started when Jeffs was founded in 1985 by a group of American fashion designer George “Jef” Jeffs.

In 1986, he teamed up with fashion photographer James Taylor and a number of other photographers, including photographer Richard Thompson, to create the line of “Jeffs Models,” which would later be sold under the Jeffwss brand name.

In 1987, Jeffz models launched in the United Kingdom.

Over the years, JeffSmodels became known for its sexy silhouettes, with some of its most famous models including Madonna, Kate Moss, and Britney Spears.

But over the years it also had a few models who had a more adult look, such as Britney’s husband, George Clooney.

And Jeffs’ line became so popular that Jeffs started to include a new model named Lacey Doolin, who was originally a model on a show called “Dancing With the Stars” in which she was a judge.

She started to take on a more glamorous role in 1989 when she appeared in “The One” episode of “The Bachelor” as the wife of the star of the show.

For years, there were no models from the United States or other countries in Jeffs’s line, and fans of the line thought the company was selling out.

But in 2010, Jeff’s finally relaunched the line with an all-star cast of models.

The line is one of the first in the world to be led by a man, with model Kate Moss taking over as the brand’s president.

And today, Jeff has the widest and most diverse roster of models in the fashion world.

For example, models like model Miranda Kerr, who is from Spain and modeled for the British fashion brand Calvin Klein, are also from Jeffs and are also part of the Jeffy Models line. 

The line started in 1987, but was quickly expanded to include more models, including model Marilyn Monroe.

In 1990, the first female model was revealed to the world when model Lacey “Lacey Doodin” Doolins appeared on the cover of the Vogue.

That same year, model Diana Ross became the first model to be named an ambassador for the brand.

And in 1992, model Jody Winfield was the first to be voted into the “The People’s Choice Award” for the annual Miss Lacey Award. 

Today, the most popular models in Jeff’s line include models like Madonna, Madonna’s boyfriend, and singer Beyoncé.

But these models aren’t just models who model for the company, as there are also some women who have modeled for other brands as well.

The list of Jeffswomen includes models like singer-songwriter Madonna, model Naomi Campbell, and model Jennifer Lopez.

As the company has expanded, so have the models.

There are some who have worked in the company for decades and some who haven’t.

Today, there are models from other companies as well as models from brands that have been around for a while.

The most popular model in the Jeffsthe line is model Miranda “Mama” Doodins, who also goes by the stage name Miranda “Sasha” in an effort to be more inclusive of her gender.

In addition, there is also model Miranda Carter, who started out as a model in her late teens before moving to New York and eventually becoming the first black model to ever win a modeling award.

At one point, there was a model named Linda Haverford, who became a model for Jeffs as a teen.

And there were even models who were models who didn’t even model for a company.

In 1995, model Lillian Ann Miller was one of several models