The Asian models who helped shape Australian culture were often the ones most at home in the country, writes Anne McElvaine.

She reports that Asian models and models from other Asian countries have also been credited with helping shape Australian fashion. 

The stories in the first edition of The Irish Time’s Asian Models and Fashion of the 1950s collection are as varied as the models themselves, but some of them are familiar. 

In the story of Victoria Lee, author of the book, The Beauty Queen of Australia, the young model who inspired a movement for more fair and equal treatment for Asian women, the model who helped inspire the formation of the first Asian Women’s Association in Australia, and the first female model for Aussie-made clothing brands including Glamour, the Australian Institute of Fashion, and a number of other well-known Australian designers, the story is told by people who have a direct connection to the story.

Victoria Lee in 1957 with Aussie models from across Asia.

The story of a woman whose dreams of becoming an icon of fashion, like the first women’s fashion designers in the US, were realised by one Asian woman.

Victoria Lee’s story is one of the many stories that can be told about the emergence of Asian models in the early 20th century.

In fact, the first Australian woman to be a model for a fashion house was Victoria Lee.

She was one of Australia’s first Asian models, and she was born in India in 1911.

Lee was not just a model; she was also an ambassador for Australian fashion, helping spread the gospel of fashion across the globe.

When she moved to Australia from India in 1914, she became the first Indian to make it to Australia as a model.

She also became the youngest Asian model in the history of the industry, and her success was legendary.

By the late 1920s, Victoria Lee was considered a model royalty.

Her fame spread, and so did her image.

As Lee was a well-traveled model, she had the opportunity to meet the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and others.

The story is a compelling one, and Lee’s role in shaping the image of Asian fashion in Australia has been well documented.

Lee, who is now buried in her home state of Victoria, had a strong influence on the image and reputation of Asian women.

It is also the story that many Australian women would like to know about.

There are many Asian models today.

There are so many stories of what it means to be an Asian woman today, and there are many stories about how it was difficult for Asian models to break into the industry.

Victoria, however, is not the only Asian woman who has had a hand in shaping Australian fashion; she is also credited with inspiring the formation a number women’s and women’s-only clothing companies.

We need to know more about Victoria Lee’s life and how she shaped fashion for Australia and the world.