The Nissan Model Un is one of the most popular Nissan models to be sold in Australia.

It’s been sold in almost 200 countries and has more than 11 million worldwide units.

But it has had a rocky run in the US market, where it was forced to sell cars and trucks with different versions of the Model S, and has been forced to recall a number of models.

On Thursday, Nissan said it had sold almost 7 million Model Un vehicles since it launched in the States in 2011.

The first-generation Model Un was introduced in 2009, and it had a range of 5,000km, although the car only offered a range in the high 30s.

It was discontinued after just two years.

Nissan introduced a more powerful version, the Model X, in 2021.

The new model has a range now of over 25,000 km, but it’s not yet available in Australia, although a few Model X models are available.

In 2020, Nissan announced it would be introducing the first fully electric car, the EV-10, to market in 2021, but the company has since stopped production of the model.

Last year, Nissan introduced the first-ever electric sports car, called the EV40, in the United States.

It has a starting price of $62,500, which is cheaper than the $80,000 the company said it would charge for the Model Un.

Other models from Nissan have been launched in Europe, Australia and the US, including the XE sports car.