MTV News has revealed who’s in the game to take down the final three contestants: Sarah, Zeke, and Chris.

While the majority of the cast was revealed in the first episode of the season, we still don’t know who’s going to take the final four.

We can confirm, however, that the cast includes a surprising number of new faces: Sarah (Lauren Graham), Zeke (Nick Zano), and Chris (Kurt Russell).

While we don’t yet know who the final eight cast members are, we do know that a lot of the names are familiar: Sarah and Zeke were on ‘Survival Cast’ back in 2013, and they will be returning to the show in the new season.

Zeke’s name was also revealed as a possible player of the game in the second episode of season 7, and he was recently spotted on the final season finale.

There are also some new faces on the way: Lauren Graham will be taking over the role of Sarah in the final episode of this season, and she’s been confirmed as a player of Survivor: Cagayan.

Zeve’s name has also been confirmed for the season finale, but we’ll have to wait and see if he’s also playing Survivor: Cambodia.

Here are the full cast names for this season: Sarah is the host of ‘The Real O’Neals’ on the Bravo reality show and currently hosts Survivor: The Amazon.

She has appeared on the show before, however.

Zekes name is a surprise for a number of reasons.

He is the son of actor Kevin Bacon, and the younger brother of the late actress Liza Minnelli.

Zele is a writer and producer for the TV series, ‘Bachelor Nation’ and ‘The Bachelor’ on MTV.

He has appeared in numerous films including ‘Porky’s,’ ‘The Perfect Mate,’ and ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.’

Zeke is a regular on the podcast, ‘The Voice,’ and hosts the show with his sister, Lauren Graham.

Zeze and his sister have appeared in multiple films including, ‘Logan,’ ‘Mansfield Park,’ and, ‘Saving Private Ryan.’

Zeze will also host the show, ‘Surviving Survivor,’ this season on CBS.

Chris is a producer and host of the reality show ‘Survive the Seasons’ on CBS, and has appeared multiple times on the program.

He recently took a year off from the show to travel with his family to Hawaii and spend time with his father, a Marine.

Zek is a singer and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia.

She is also a former contestant on the reality TV show ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and has also appeared on ‘Celebrities Live!’

The cast is joined by a number for the first time this season.

In addition to Sarah, Chris and Zele, we also have to give props to a few familiar faces for the game.

We also can confirm that Chris has been confirmed to be the new player of this year’s game, and his name is being brought up a lot more than he was last season.

The show is known for its high drama, so it’s not surprising that we’ve seen some of the most high-profile drama this season in ‘Surviva’ and in ‘The Challenge.’

The other big name coming to the game is Zeke.

He also plays on ‘The Reality Show with John Cena,’ which is a reality competition show on WWE.

Zeek will be competing for a $50,000 reward prize, which is just enough money to buy Zeke a new car, a new suit, and more.

He’s also going to get to wear his dad’s old clothes, which are actually some of his favorites.

Zez has been in the news before.

He was a contestant on ‘Big Brother: Beyond Borders,’ and has recently had a lot to say about his time on the hit reality series.

The cast of the new Survivor: Survivor: New Blood will premiere on Wednesday, March 16 at 8 p.m.

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