It may sound like a strange decision, but it’s one you may need to make.

Hyundai’s new SUV, the Sonata, is going on sale in the UK on 26 February. 

You can choose between a base price of £22,495 and a starting price of up to £39,995, with the price going up to around £50,000 if you want to get the whole family.

It’s a great deal, but we have to say that if you’re a petrolhead, you’re going to be better off buying the Sonatas for a slightly lower price.

Hyundai has said it’s aiming to have a cheaper version of the Sonats available on the roads in the US and Canada in the coming months, with an option to swap in an all-electric model in the same price range.

So, if you need a cheaper vehicle to get around town, it may be worth looking into the Sonatos for a few reasons.

The SonatAS is powered by a petrol-electric hybrid, but its battery will last for over 30,000 kilometres.

It’s rated at 150mpg, and it can be driven on a range of cities, from London to Amsterdam.

The interior is also equipped with a variety of seats and other features.

Hyundai has said that the new car is “designed to be the perfect companion to a family of four”.

The new SUV is equipped with an all new infotainment system, which has been designed to provide a more personalised experience.

The new Sonatastas also features a new design that has been improved in areas such as the rear seat backrests, the door handles, the rear-view mirrors and the front fascia.

It also features new audio and navigation systems, including the new Sonata Connect app which allows for quicker updates on your smartphone, tablet and connected home devices.

Hyundai also said that it had developed a new powertrain that allows for more efficient acceleration and braking.

In terms of practicality, the new SUV comes in at around 3.6 tonnes.

The car has been engineered to be very fuel-efficient, which means that it’s also able to provide up to 20km/h on its top speed.

To top it all off, it comes with a range that will get you from A to B within 10 minutes.

It will also have a range to cover a city in just a few hours, which is impressive for a vehicle that weighs around 4,800kg.

The best deals on new Hyundai Sonatias in the United Kingdom?

Hyundai Sonats are available on sale from the start of February.

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