India has a long and storied history of luxury cars.

The country has been a major manufacturing hub for luxury brands, and it has long been a focus of Tesla.

The new model, the Tesla Model S, is a bold move for India, a country that has historically been known for its high prices for luxury cars and luxury vehicles.

The car is also the first luxury car in the world that will be made in India by a domestic automaker.

India has long had an obsession with luxury cars, which are seen as the epitome of luxury in a country where it is a very hard economic and social hurdle to overcome.

But the Model S is a different breed of luxury, one that has been under the radar for years.

While it is one of the most successful luxury cars in the country, India has been slow to get over the idea that luxury is for rich people.

In India, luxury cars are typically owned by the middle class, while many of the luxury models in the market are made by large, well-connected corporations.

India’s luxury car market is highly fragmented, with the luxury brand category of luxury vehicles being dominated by the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Porsche.

The Model S has the potential to change that.

While the company hasn’t officially announced the price for the Model s yet, it has reportedly offered a starting price of $80,000 for the car, and a starting range of 200 miles.

This would make it the cheapest luxury car available in India, according to the company.

India is also one of a few countries that is still struggling with the issue of corruption in the auto industry.

While India has seen an increase in the number of auto accidents in recent years, it is still a developing country and has a large amount of infrastructure problems.

For years, the country has seen a surge in luxury brands that have aggressively pursued their brand and sought to expand their footprint in the Indian market.

The company has been known to try and expand in India as well, but it has not been as successful as the other countries.

In the past, Tesla has tried to push luxury in India and tried to get its cars on the Indian roads, but they were often delayed.

That has been changing with the Model 7.

India, like most other countries, is not a huge market for luxury vehicles, but the Model 8 is the only one that is expected to get a major update this year.

The news comes as Tesla’s second-generation sedan is slated to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show next month, with its expected price tag of $150,000.

The vehicle has a range of 400 miles and can be driven on a range extender.

While there have been rumors about the Model X and XC SUV being released later this year, the company has not officially announced any such vehicles.

India needs to start paying attention to its luxury car markets, as they are likely to see a lot more changes in the future.

The automotive industry is a growing industry in India with a number of car brands that are trying to expand.

The Tesla Model 7, the first car to hit the market in India in less than a year, will go on sale next month.