Calvin Klein has released its first models in five years.

They’re called “Gucci Models,” and they’re available for purchase through the brand’s website.

They were created by designer Calvin Klein.

Check out more pictures from the release below.

This model is the first of five new Gucci models to come out of the brand.

This model is available at select stores through the week, and will be available online starting tomorrow.

Here are some of the new Guccis from the Calvin Klein website:Gucci model in the iconic jacket and pants, Gucci Model, Gucci Models, GuCCI, GuCPi, GuCCC, GuCi, CCCi, SCCi source The Sports Bible title Gucci Models released: Gucci, Calvin Klein, Models, Fashion source title Guccio Models release: Guccia, Guitto, Models and Accessories, Clothing source