The American Conservatives is excited to announce the newest sports Illustrated models available for preorder on August 8.

The new Blonde models come with a new, more feminine and sexy look and a new body shape.

Each model is a completely redesigned edition with new body shapes and a full-length and half-length body.

Each of the models includes a gloss black, gloss red, gloss purple, gloss yellow, gloss blue and gloss black hair.

The Blonde Models are available for purchase through, Best Buy, Ebay, Target and Walmart.

The model number is 1225.

The price is $59.99.

The blonds are available on Amazon.

The models have a gloss matte black, metallic black, glossy red, matte white, matte purple, matte yellow, matte blue and metallic blue hair.

Blondes are available in 6, 9, 12 and 14 colors.

The sports Illustrated Blonde model is available for $49.99 at Target and $59 in Walmart. 

 (via The American Conservatism)