Instagram has been accused of being a porn hub by users who are not interested in the content and don’t care to follow its rules.

Some have also accused the company of stifling free speech, a charge it denies.

The social media platform has seen a rapid rise in popularity and its users are increasingly drawn to its platform.

Instagram is widely seen as a platform for sharing porn, but it also has a long history of policing its users.

The Instagram model of censoring content does not exist on the company’s site.

Its users can post whatever content they like, but they cannot directly link to pornographic content on the site.

Instead, they are allowed to post a brief bio of themselves and, if they want, a link to their own Instagram account.

It is the company which determines what content users can and cannot post on the platform.

However, its users have the option to censor certain content they want to keep the platform as free as possible, or to remove content they do not like, as long as they keep the posts from the account private.

Users can also choose to delete a post that is deemed offensive or objectionable, but there are strict guidelines about how they can do so.

Some of the content banned on Instagram has drawn strong criticism from the porn industry, which is hoping to use the platform to draw attention to the issue of pornography.

On Friday, the company took to Twitter to deny the allegations.

In a post, it said the ban on pornography is for safety reasons, but that it would review its policy in the future.

“Our Safety team reviews all content, including pornography, on a case-by-case basis and takes into consideration safety and health concerns when determining what content is appropriate for the platform,” it said.

Its statement added that the company “looks forward to providing a more comprehensive policy update in the coming months.”

The criticism was not limited to Instagram.

Earlier in the week, Instagram’s chief executive, Kevin Systrom, also took to the social media site to defend its ban on content that some users deemed to be offensive.

“Our culture and practices are built around trust and respect for our users,” Systrom said in a statement.

“We don’t censor or restrict content on Instagram.

We respect the right of people to choose to express themselves however they choose.”