When the newest trend hits Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it is a twiggly model: the Twigged Model S. While twigs, as they’re called, are now the most-liked Instagram account, they were once viewed with derision, with many dismissing them as the “peeping tom” image of the Internet.

Now, twigs are being seen as a new fashion icon and trending on Twitter, where they’re now a major part of trending hashtags, according to Twigger, a social media analytics company.

Twigs are popular among women and men.

For men, they’re the perfect attire for summer, but it can be a bit intimidating for women, as the twig can sometimes be a little too big on the leg.

For women, twigging can be an easy and quick way to add a little more dimension to your look, said Emily Glynn, vice president of analytics for Twiggers, a women-owned online lifestyle brand.

When it comes to styling twigs on the road, the styling and color options are a lot more limited, so they’re often relegated to Instagram’s trending hashtagged list, Glynn said.

It’s still a trend, though, and many people will have a twiggle on their arm at some point.

What to know about twigs for women: The twig is a decorative fabric made from cotton or silk.

It is often attached to a leg or foot with twig threads, or a string attached to the bottom of the twigs head, according in a TwigGurl.

The twigs body is made of silk or cotton, with the twiggies head, which are made of cotton or cotton twig, attached to it.

Twig is often made from silk or polyester.

Twiggies are usually made from a mixture of silk and cotton, which is sometimes wrapped around a string.

The body of a twigger is usually made of a mixture between silk and wool.

It can be made up to 6 inches (15 centimeters) long.

It has a waist and can stretch up to 30 inches (98 centimeters).

The twiggys head is usually white with pink and white stripes.

The top of the body can be decorated with a string or twig.

The tail of a Twiggie is also made of an organic material called silk, which has a bright red stripe running along the middle of it.

A twiggurl is a style popular in Asia and Africa.

The word “twig” is derived from the English word “thimble,” meaning “thigh.”

Twig can be worn as a dress, tied around the neck or worn as an accent on the top of a person’s head.

Twaggy models are usually very skinny and have a short waist, but they can be dressed up to fit.

There are twigs that have a wide and flat body, and twig models have shorter legs and longer arms.

The Twigge is often used as an accessory to accent a person.

The two most popular types of twig are twiggers and twiggied, which means “to tie twig.”

Twiggied models are often paired with other twigs to create the twiggle effect.

For the best fit, make sure the twigger has enough room on the waist to hang down from the body.

When to wear twigs: Twigs can be the perfect accent for any outfit or a fashion accessory.

They’re often worn to compliment or contrast the clothing you’re wearing, or for a playful style statement.

A wide waist, short legs, and long arms will make you stand out on the street.

When not in use, the twiggs body can become too heavy, and it can get too big.

For more style tips, see our guide to fashion tips for women.