Australia has its own Lamborghinis, which means it has its very own model of the iconic sports car.

A new showroom opened on Wednesday in Melbourne and features a collection of Lamborghinolos from the company’s illustrious line, including the $30 million, supercar-maker’s supercar.

The showroom, which opens this month, will feature the Lamborghins from the current and previous generations of the company.

It’s a stunning display of heritage and passion for the Lambo, which has a reputation for creating some of the most exciting supercars in the world, including some of its best-selling vehicles, the Gallardo, which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012.

Lamborghines in Australia have been an ever-growing part of the country’s economy, with more than 400,000 registered owners in 2017, according to the Australian Automobile Association.

One of the first Lamborghinos to be sold in Australia was in 2002, and a second one opened in 2014.

Australia is home to the largest number of Lambo owners in the country, with a further 10,000 owners registered in the ACT.