The new iPhone 12 will come in three different sizes: a smaller iPhone 12, a bigger iPhone 12 and a 5.5-inch iPhone 12.

However, the iPhone 12 has two major design differences: the curved edge on the iPhone 6 and the fingerprint sensor on the new iPhone.

So what do we know about the iPhone’s design?

Here’s a look at some of the differences.1.

The curved edge of the iPhone design The new Apple iPhone 12 is made of aluminum and glass.

The metal edge of this phone has two curved lines running along the bottom of the phone, and the curved edges are very different to the one used on the previous iPhone.

The edge is curved because the metal does not flex when the phone is held in a certain way, and this helps the phone be comfortable to hold and to hold with a thumb.

This edge also makes it easier to hold a phone if you have a finger on the curved surface of the edge of your finger.2.

The fingerprint sensor The new fingerprint sensor is the same as that on the current iPhone.

When you press the fingerprint scanner on the edge, a light blue light appears, and you can choose to press it or not.

The light blue indicates that you are choosing to press the sensor, while a dark blue light indicates that it is not.

When the light blue changes to a red, you have pressed the sensor.

The LED flash on the sensor indicates when the sensor is pressed.3.

A new feature called Touch ID The new feature on the newly redesigned iPhone is called Touch Recognition.

Touch Recognisation works like the Apple Pay feature, except you do not need to swipe or tap the screen in order to unlock the device.

Rather, you simply tap the top edge of a home button or a power button, and then a button will flash up on the screen.

In this way, you can unlock the phone without having to swipe down to unlock your phone.

The feature is only available in the iPhone X and the iPhone Pro.4.

The Apple Watch Series 2 Apple Watch has many new features, including a heart rate sensor and a new color display.

But Apple also introduced a new feature that lets you control the device with a voice command.

You can now say, “Hey Siri, turn on the light” or “Hey Cortana, tell me more about the night”.

Siri will start to answer the question you asked.5.

New hardware and software Apple announced a new version of its iPhone, the new Apple Watch, which includes a new design, new features and an updated software.

The new version is called the iPhone 9 Plus.

The iPhone 9 also features a new screen and a larger display.

The size of the screen is the biggest difference between the new and previous iPhone models.

It’s now 5.7 inches (16.4cm) in width and 2.7inches (7.1cm) tall.

This is larger than the 5.2 inches (13.7cm) screen size of Apple Watch 3.

Apple has also added an extra camera on the 9 Plus and a camera on its iPhone that it calls the Apple Eye.

The camera is a 16 megapixel camera that has a higher resolution of 400×240 pixels.

It can also capture video and take photos, but this is not a new technology.

The screen on the device has also been upgraded from the iPhone 8 Plus to the iPhone SE.

The phone also has a new, larger display with a higher pixel density of 705ppi.6.

The Siri camera Apple added a new Siri camera to the new iPhones, which uses the camera of the Apple Watch.

Siri is the voice assistant of Apple’s digital assistant service, and it can use the voice of a person you know to answer your questions.7.

The 3D Touch feature The new iPhones have a new 3D touch screen that can be used to tap objects.

When a screen is touched, a 3D image is displayed on the display, which you can zoom in or out of by touching the screen, which has a 5-point touchpad.8.

The power button The power buttons have been moved from the top of the device to the right side.

You now have two power buttons, one that is labeled “Home” and one that’s labeled “Previous,” with the two labels indicating the top and bottom positions.

The buttons are on the top, left and right of the home button, respectively.9.

The earpiece jack The new earpiecejack on the larger iPhones is now on the right-side of the back.10.

The back cover The new back cover on the smaller iPhones has a black, matte finish.

The material on the back cover is a different color than the previous back cover.

The front of the new back covers have a different material from the previous one.

The design of the cover is also different from the one on the older iPhones.11.

A second camera The