Toronto is a city where nudity is just as important as fashion, said Kendall Jensen, a 25-year-old Toronto-based model.

She started nude modeling about a year ago and has since found a niche that allows her to show off her body without being afraid of being rejected.

Jensen, who also goes by the name Jennifer, said she’s not worried about whether people will like her nude pictures or not.

“Nudity is part of life and the more we can put it in, the better,” Jensen said.

“There’s so much more to being beautiful than just your face.”

Jensen, from Toronto, said the nude model has an interesting life.

“My body is the center of attention, so I think people will gravitate to me because I have a personality,” Jensen told CBC News.

“The way people interact with me is so different than other models because I’m very open with what I’m feeling.”

She said she works a lot, but her work is always creative and she likes to express herself.

She said modelling is an exciting opportunity to explore her sexuality.

“I love it because it’s a way to explore myself,” Jensen explained.

“You can express yourself and you can take risks and have fun doing it.”