A new startup that helps people sell their Instagram ads is selling its service for $10 per month.

It all started with a simple goal: to help people make money selling ads on their social networks.

It was the first time an online business had been able to build a revenue model that would work for people and it had a clear path to success, said CEO Josh Mair, founder and chief executive of Mair Group, which specializes in digital advertising and business development.

Now, the company is taking another leap in helping people sell ads on Instagram, which it said it is targeting at its 10 million users.

“We saw an opportunity that was not just a revenue stream for us, but an opportunity for our customers,” Mair said in an interview.

The goal is to get people who would not normally sell ads to do so.

But Mair and his team are trying to help them make it happen.

The company, called Mair.io, allows people to sell ads through social networks and offers a free trial.

That trial gives people a small amount of money to spend on ads that they could then buy, Mair told CNNMoney.

They get a commission, and they can even buy ads that other people want to sell, he said.

The service lets people sell up to 100 ads for $1 per 30 second ad, with a total cost of $10.

People can also purchase ads that have been purchased by other people, but only after a $10 commission is paid.

That is typically around $100, but Mair estimated that it could be closer to $10 or more.

“You pay for the ad on the first click and you don’t have to go back and pay for it again, because you’ve already paid for it,” Mairs said.

People can also buy a single ad for $2,000, which is an average of $1,000 per 30 seconds.

Mair estimates that he could get around 20% of what people buy from ads by selling ads with a few thousand people.

“The goal of this is to have a small number of people who have already made money selling their ads on Facebook sell to the most people on Instagram,” he said, “and the rest of the people who are buying ads from people on Facebook will sell to people on the platform.”

The app is also designed to make it easy for people to create their own ads, rather than having to go to a commercial agency.

“People want to know that they’re not going to pay a huge commission for their ads to be shown,” Marys said.

“And they also want to be able to buy ads without having to worry about making an extra commission, because they already have the ad.”

He said it also gives people the opportunity to sell directly to people who do not want to make money from ads.

“There are a lot of people out there who will not want ads.

There are a few people who will never be able do this because they don’t want to, and that’s not an issue for us,” he added.

The Mair service is currently available only in the U.S. and Canada, and is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Mairs plans to expand the service to other markets soon.

“This is an incredible opportunity for people who don’t know much about advertising, but do know how to sell their ads,” Maresaid.

“The service we are offering is a great starting point for people wanting to do that.”

He also said he thinks people will be interested in the Mair platform if they want to start selling their own advertising on social media.

“If you have a million followers on Instagram you can sell your ads on the app.

That’s a huge revenue stream that can be used to grow a company,” Maysaid.

Mair has seen a number of other startups come and go in the online advertising space.

There’s even a “social” version of the Facebook-owned advertising platform, Instagram Ads, but it’s unclear if Mair’s model will succeed in the marketplace.

“Instagram has a pretty clear path forward to growth,” Maire said.

But it’s also not clear whether people will buy ads through it, and whether people can still sell ads from their own social networks without paying for them.

“I think it’s going to take a few more years for people with the most money to make the transition to selling ads through the app,” Mairesaid.