RTE 1) Naked male models article A naked male model poses in a black suit and black tie in front of the RTE studios in front the RGE studios in Cork.

Source: RTE/PA Wire 2) Naked female models article Naked female model and model manager Gwynne Foy poses in front a model of a woman in a red outfit in front an RTE studio in Cork, Ireland.


3) Naked men article Naked male model Gwynn Foy (L) and model/manager Gwynnie Foy pose in front in front RTE Studio in Cork and a naked male Model.

Source.(Image: RTV4/Getty Images) 4) Naked women article Models in a nude black and white suit pose in a studio in front (l-r) of RTE Studios in Cork in Dublin, Ireland, February 23, 2017.

Source:(Image: James Crombie/Reuters) 5) Naked males article Model/manager of a model and models Gwyn Foy and Gwynny Foy, poses in the studio of RTV studios in Dublin.

Source.: RTE via AP