We’re getting all the fashion magazines, but we’re also missing out when it comes to the hottest models in China.

The Chinese media is full of glamour shots of beautiful Chinese women, and the model who most often appears on those magazines is none other than Chinese model, Chiang Qingbao.

We love Chiang, she is beautiful and has a killer style.

But in the past few months, she’s been showing off some of the most embarrassing photos of herself on social media, and some of her photos have even gone viral.

Here are some of them:She’s not the only Chinese model in the limelight lately.

A few weeks ago, Chaiyong Yang, a famous fashion model and one of the stars of the upcoming season of the reality show, “Dynasty”, was photographed by a fan and has now come out with an Instagram photo of herself with a big smile on her face.

Her body is so beautiful, it is hard to believe she’s only 19.

It’s not all good news though.

It has been reported that she has been cheating on her husband with a 22-year-old Japanese model, who is reportedly dating her and their two children.

The scandal has been brewing for some time now, and now it has become a major issue.

The couple is reportedly using a private phone and using the internet to communicate.

In the past, the two have gone to Hong Kong to meet each other, but Chiang says that has now been cancelled due to the scandal.

We have asked Chiang for her side of the story.

“My husband cheated on me with a young Japanese girl,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to take care of my kids in Hong Kong, so I’m going back to China.”

Chiang’s scandal has taken its toll on her relationship with her husband.

They met at a restaurant together, but the marriage fell apart after he asked her to give him a massage.

She left him soon afterwards, but she is currently in Japan, where she is filming the upcoming reality show.

“I’ve been cheated on by a young man in Japan and my children are worried,” she said.

“We are trying to take legal action but it’s very difficult.

My children are very happy.

I’m sorry for anyone who is hurt.”

Chiaiyang Yang was just 19 when she appeared on the cover of the April Fools’ edition of the China Daily.

She says she’s now 21, and her boyfriend, a Japanese man, is now 26.

She has a daughter and a son, and is also expecting a baby.