In the spring of 2011, the company behind the Google Glass wearable was looking to expand into the realm of real estate, and one of its initial ideas was to offer a service that would let you rent cars in the office or on the street.

The concept was to give people access to a car rental business that would charge a monthly fee based on the number of cars they wanted to rent.

The company’s CEO at the time, Nick Hanauer, told The New York Times, “It was a very good idea.”

Hanauer would later go on to find himself out of a job, and was replaced by former Google product manager Matt Blaze.

While Hanauer was still in the position, the idea was never officially introduced.

But the concept was around and in the works at Google for quite some time.

In 2014, the Google Ventures accelerator program awarded Blaze a $3 million startup grant.

Hanauer continued to work on the idea, but at the end of 2015, Blaze resigned from Google Ventures and moved back to Silicon Valley.

The startup had not been funded since 2014.

The idea became a hit with investors, and Hanauer decided to move forward with the project, but he and Blaze never got anywhere.

A few months later, the startup got acquired by a smaller company, which in turn acquired the company’s business, The CarRent service.

Since the startup was no longer in existence, Blaze was no more, leaving Hanauer to continue working on the business.

But Blaze wasn’t finished with the car rental idea.

The car rental company had begun working on a new concept, which was to take advantage of the fact that cars were relatively cheap and plentiful at the moment.

Blaze wanted to provide a way for people to rent out their cars in large numbers to large groups of people at affordable rates.

The service would be similar to Airbnb and Uber, where a user would rent a car to a group of friends.

In an interview with Business Insider, Blaze said he had been working on this idea for about a year before he resigned.

“It kind of got spun off from the original idea for the company, but that was sort of a one-off idea,” he said.

“At the end, it was just too much of a hassle for us to keep up with all of these new business models.”

In addition to Blaze, the new car rental service also featured former Google employees and former executives.

One of the former executives was Mark Kern, the head of product who had been with the company for several years before joining the Google team.

Blaze had been brought on as a consultant after leaving Google Ventures to help the company find its next product, and his experience as a former Google employee and Google Ventures investor would come in handy.

According to a company blog post from 2016, Blaze left Google Ventures in February 2017 to launch The Car Rent.

He would be joined on The Car Rent team by former Uber executive David Mazzucchelli and former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

The Car Ride service was the first car rental app, but Blaze said that The Car Ring would be “a better app” because of its ability to connect people to their car through Google Maps.

A company blog that year explained the process: If you are in your car, just get out of the car and walk toward your car.

This is where you will connect with a Google Map view of your location.

On Google Maps, you will see the address of your car and the nearest Google car rental facility.

When you are ready to rent your car for the night, simply click the green “Add to Car” button and the Google Maps will let you know when your car is ready.

When the rental is over, you can get your car back in the car you rented from Google and be on your way.

This service was built on Google’s own car-sharing network, and the company also partnered with Uber to provide more car-rental options to Uber drivers.

Blaze told Business Insider that the car-ringing service would also allow people to book rides through a “network of drivers.”

The company was also planning to expand its car rental services with additional companies and cities in the future.

But this idea never really caught on, and Google was left to figure out how to get its new business off the ground.

By early 2017, the business was already in trouble.

The number of people renting out their car was increasing exponentially, and The CarRing service had seen a number of major issues.

In April 2017, The New Yorker published an article detailing how some drivers were refusing to let users leave their cars and instead kept renting them out.

In June 2017, a Google spokesperson told Business 101 that “a number of drivers who have been driving on Google CarRental have been refusing to leave their car for months,” and that “we have been aware of this problem for several months.”

Google said that it would soon fix the issue, but would only do so if