Honda has unveiled the all-electric Honda CX-3 and its range of plug-in hybrid and plug-electric vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show, which is the company’s biggest ever.

The new plug-ins are the most electric models Honda has ever produced.

The company says they will go on offer in March.

The CX line-up is an all-wheel drive, front-wheel-drive hybrid and electric, Honda says, and the plug-ups will go up against the Nissan Leaf and Volkswagen Golf.

The first one is a two-seater, plug- in hybrid model, which starts at $35,900.

It has a range of 265 miles (425 kilometres) on a single charge and a claimed EPA fuel economy of 19.5 miles per gallon (26.4km/l). 

The second is a four-seaters plug– in electric model, the CX60, which costs $40,200 and has a top-speed of 125 mph (200km/h). 

Honda says the C-X60 will be available in three different trim levels: the base CX, which has a base price of $42,600, and an option to upgrade to a more powerful version at $45,000.

It will be offered in three colors, silver, black and red.

The third model, called the C60 Plus, will go to $50,000 and will have a top speed of 145 mph (210km/ h).

Honda has been working on its electric cars for about 10 years and the company has sold about 4 million electric cars.

The CX range has been the highest in the world.

The introduction of the CXX-3 was a surprise, with no information about the new range and only hints about the next generation.

But the Cxx-3 is expected to have a range in excess of 200 miles.

The next electric CXX will be unveiled in 2019.