The Volkswagen Group is launching a hot nude model contest in which models can compete for the chance to be photographed with the automaker’s top-selling models.

The contest, which runs through Feb. 1, is for models aged between 18 and 30 and will be the company’s first in the U.S.

The beauty contest will allow VW models to strut their stuff and compete for a chance to photograph the German company’s iconic diesel Golf, Beetle and Touareg sports cars.

VW’s nude model competition will feature a full body-cam system, which will be used to monitor the models’ body temperature and other vital aspects of their body during the shoot.

“We’re making a bet on the hotness of the nude model,” said Jens von Ehrhardt, senior vice president of design at Volkswagen AG.

“We have a very strong and passionate fanbase, so we want to make sure that our models are sexy and sexy enough.”

Volkswagen has long been known for its sexy and talented models, but the company has been struggling to find the right balance between being a brand that people want to buy and also a carmaker that’s known for sexy and stylish.

In 2016, VW’s luxury brands were struggling, with the company failing to grow sales for the first time in nearly a decade.

Volkswagen was also forced to scale back its sales for luxury vehicles in the face of stiff competition from other brands such as Audi, Lamborghini and BMW.

Volkswagen also announced that it would reduce the size of its workforce and cut 2,500 jobs.

Volkswagens latest attempt to make a bold statement about the sexy aspects of its cars comes amid a broader trend toward women-friendly products, which are increasingly being used in the automotive industry.

Volkswagen, meanwhile, has recently begun selling women-specific VW luxury cars and has been working to introduce female-specific vehicles into its lineup.

The company has also launched a limited-edition line of high-end luxury sports cars that feature female models.